Lash Artist's Essentials: Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Lash Artist's Essentials: Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Eyelash artists can create stunning lash looks that last for weeks and save us time during our morning makeup routines. However, for their work to be fully effective - they need good eyelash tweezers. Find out why these eyelash extension accessories are so important.

What is the difference between eyelash extension tweezers and regular tweezers?

At first glance, if you are not familiar with this subject, the difference is only in appearance. Regular tweezers, which you probably have in your makeup bag, are small, and their tips should meet properly to precisely grab small things, such as unwanted, stray eyebrow hairs.

What is the case with tweezers for eyelash extensions? The accessories we currently have on the market are really professional. The materials used to create these tools are of the highest quality as they are responsible for the comfort of both the stylist and her client. They ensure precise grip of individual false eyelashes, putting them in glue, and applying them on natural eyelashes. Eyelash extension tweezers are ultra-light and quite flexible, and thus - incredibly handy. Why does it matter so much?

Eyelash extension tweezers - an extension of the hand of a professional

Since 2005, from the early days of eyelash extensions (mainly by the classic method), the popularity of this treatment has grown steadily, but there were not so many clients who wanted to try it then. Stylists used Norwegian steel tweezers, which were indeed the ideal tool for the time, they were quite heavy though. As the availability of the treatment and its reputation grew, beauty salons had more and more clients, and lash stylists slowly began to feel the strain caused by constantly working with such tweezers.

That's why currently, they use lightweight and precise accessories that do not strain the stylist's wrists or fingers during long hours of creating various lash styles. The eyelash extension tweezers' tips are diverse, so every lash artist can test different versions and choose the accessories that will make her job efficient and comfortable.

FUN FACT: Just like our hands, eyelash tweezers get used to the pressure of our fingers. That's why every time you buy new eyelash extension tweezers, even though they come from the same brand and have exactly the same features, at first, you will feel like you are holding completely different tweezers in your hand. This accessory adapts to our hands and our work.

Tweezers for eyelash extensions - what types do we distinguish?

Applying eyelash extensions requires not only skill and patience but also the right accessories. Eyelash tweezers are a key part of this process, so every lash stylist must have quite a large and varied supply of them. They are divided into two types:

  • straight tweezers - their main function is to separate the eyelashes; the long and narrow tips of these tweezers slide between the lashes, so we can separate the one lash we need, to which we will immediately glue a false eyelash or a false lash cluster,

  • curved tweezers - their role is a bit different, as they are used to pull the lashes out of the tray, apply them to the real eyelashes, and above all - make it easier for us to create lash fans.

TIP: Curved tweezers differ not only in the tips but also in the design of the entire grip. They are tapered in the area that indicates where the pressure should be placed when using them. When we want to close the tweezers to the maximum, this is where we press our thumb the hardest. However, you need to be careful and adjust the force you use to your tweezer type. If the pressure is too strong, the flexible tweezers will start to bend and let the lashes through, instead of griping them well.

What to pay attention to when choosing eyelash extension tweezers?

The choice of tweezers for eyelash extensions depends on the stylist's preferences and technique which they develop over years of experience. It's not that the shape of the tip of the tweezers (a hoof, an L shape, or a 40° angle) corresponds to a particular extension method. Tweezers have different tip profiles so that every lash artist can find the right tool for themselves.

Find out what to pay attention to when choosing tweezers:

  • The material of the eyelash tweezers. Stainless or surgical steel is the best option, as the tweezers will simply be more durable, resistant to damage, and will serve you for a longer time. Also, cleaning them will be much easier.
  • Ergonomics of eyelash tweezers. Before you decide to buy particular tweezers, check whether their shape is comfortable for you. This is the key to beautiful styling as properly-shaped accessories make your job easier and do not strain your wrist.
  • The clamping power of the eyelash tweezers. It is of great importance, and it is advisable to choose tweezers with a gentle clamping force. We would like to remind you that styling eyelashes means many hours of work and you should not strain your hands in the process.
  • The design of the tweezers. Opt for minimalism and choose simple silver tweezers without any embellishments like paint on the handles which will chip off when cleaning the accessory and will no longer look aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, avoid galvanized tweezers (gold color) or those made of "rainbow" steel. Cleaning the tweezers in a sonic washer or with strong chemicals will cause ugly discolorations.
  • They should be handmade. When buying tweezers you want to use for a very precise job, you need to be sure that they will be well-shaped and of good quality. Only handmade tweezers are professionally inspected and tested properly.

the best tweezers for eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension tweezers - what is the difference between single-pin and double-clamp eyelash tweezers?

Eyelash tweezers are divided into single-pin and double-contact. The clamp is where the tweezers close. This is the only technical feature of tweezers that differentiates them in terms of application.

  • Single pin tweezers - when closed, the tips of the tweezer meet immediately along their entire length.
  • Double-clamp tweezers - when closed, the tips of the tweezers meet only in one place, and only after increasing the pressure (tightening the tweezers), the entire tips come together along their entire length.

What does this mean in practice? Single-pin tweezers ensure precise lash grasping and application. They can be used when creating lash fans using the rolling on a strip or interleaving method. The double-clamp tweezers make it easier to create lash fans using the shimmy method, which is the most popular and fastest method of creating eyelash fans. How do these different methods work?

Lash fans-making methods

There are 5 methods of creating lash fans, namely:

  • The shimmy method -using double-clamp tweezers, we grab the number of lashes we are interested in located on a glue strip. We gently tighten the tweezers (so that the lashes are in the unpressed space between the two tips) and with minimal motions rock the tweezers from side to side until the lashes spread out and form a fan. Then we tighten the tweezers to the maximum, peel the fan from the strip, and apply it on the eye.
  • The lean and pick-up method - this method designed for 2D lashes involves grabbing two lashes from the edge of the lash strip with the tweezers and removing them in a tug-like motion. Of course, this must be done gently so as not to damage the delicate lashes.
  • The rolling on the strip method - tear the necessary amount of eyelashes from the strip but only up to half of their length so that they are not removed from the strip completely. Then, using the tips of the tweezers, gently scratch the lashes until they form a proper fan, close the tweezers fully, and peel off the lash fan to apply it to the natural lashes.
  • Interleaving method - grab a selected number of eyelashes from the glue strip and interleave them a little further on the strip. This increases the freedom to create a lash fan. With the tips of the tweezers, separate the lash fan, and then apply the formed fan on the lashes.
  • The finger method - peel off the necessary amount of lashes using the tweezers and form a lash fan with fingertips.

Creating lash fans is an art that requires precision and practice. Different techniques ensure different effects, from natural-looking lashes to expressive lash styles. Each technique requires dexterity, and choosing the right method sometimes depends on the desired effect, the type of lashes used, and the personal preferences of the lash artist and her client.

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