Guide to Wearing Eye Makeup with Lash Extensions - What To Pay Attention To?

Guide to Wearing Eye Makeup with Lash Extensions - What To Pay Attention To?

The effects of eyelash extensions can emphasize the eye enough to make women ditch eye makeup for a while. There is nothing wrong with this, and it proves how much lash extensions can affect our appearance and mood. However, if you want to enhance your gaze even further, you need to consider a few important things that we are going to reveal today.

Eye makeup with eyelash extensions - maintain harmony

No matter which lash extension method you choose (classic, volume, or hybrid), your eye will be immediately highlighted and your gaze will look significantly deeper. If you decide to use eyeshadow additionally, you must remember to maintain harmony in your look. Bold eye makeup combined with volume lash extensions can emphasize the eye wonderfully for an elegant event but it's easy to overdo it and diminish the effects of lash extensions completely.

What is worth keeping an eye on?

  • The choice of eyeshadow should not outshine the effects of lash extensions. Bet on bright colors that match the overall look.
  • Using eyeliner is fine, but keep it subtle to ensure your lashes are the main focus.
  • Adding an extra coat of mascara on the lower lashes will eliminate the unwanted contrast between them and the upper lashes. 
  • You can enhance the effects of your lash extensions by giving your lash line a deeper look. Use a pencil for this task and define your upper waterline with it.

Fashionable makeup trends created for eyelash extensions

Makeup is an art form that can be mastered with the right amount of attention. It is necessary to remember the previously mentioned harmony so that the effects do not look exaggerated. Which makeup looks do women with lash extensions choose?

  • Minimalism with a delicate touch

In this case, the natural look wins. Women usually opt for a delicate eyebrow definition using, for example, a pomade in a natural shade, or show off their neat and often laminated eyebrows. Choose eyeshadow in neutral shades that highlight the eye delicately, you can also use eyeliner as long as you keep it simple. Keep your lips looking natural, lip gloss or lip oil are enough to make them look shiny. You can also opt for neutral lipstick with a shade close to your natural lip color. Pair it with your 1:1 lash extensions, this look is also compatible with the hybrid method. This makeup works for every occasion and for every woman.

  • Fresh and subtle pastel look

Women generally like to experiment and stand out. Pastel colors are a constantly returning fashion and makeup trend. They enhance natural beauty wonderfully and contrast with different eye colors. Eyeshadows in mint, lilac, yellow, and blue tones are sure to draw attention. Colorful eyeliners are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to create creative makeup looks. Maybe it is not the best look for work but it is ideal for summer evenings or music festivals. Eyelash extensions performed using the hybrid method with the additional use of colorful hairs are sure to impress everyone.

  • Intense smokey eye

If you need a look for an elegant evening event and dream of a slightly bolder version of yourself - bet on the reliable smokey eye look and combine it with volume lash extensions. Intense eyeshadow and proper blending will make your gaze captivating. You can ditch the eyeliner or use it to deepen your lash line gently.

  • Irresistible shine - glitter glam

A crazy big night out calls for an equally crazy look! Regardless of the eyelash extension method you choose, go for glittery accessories. Glitter eyeshadow? How about glitter eyeliner with a touch of color to match your outfit? Also, don't forget to apply a bit of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes. You can also reach for special diamonds that stick to your skin and apply them just below the brow bone. Shimmer and have fun!

Makeup with eyelash extensions - problems you can overcome

  • False eyelashes vs eye makeup

Eye makeup combined with eyelash extensions does not have to be tricky. However, you need to pay attention to the cosmetics you use, because if you make a mistake, you may lose your false eyelashes faster than you think.

PROBLEM: Although creamy eyeshadows have their fans, they might not be a good choice. They are oil-based and oils harm the eyelash extension glue. Therefore, using waterproof cosmetics also carries a high risk of damage. They are oil-based and can only be washed off with dual-phase micellar water which is, as you probably guessed,  also oil-based.

TIP: Use classic or loose eyeshadow. They are well-pigmented and look equally beautiful on the eyelid. They wash off easily too. When choosing your eyeliner, reach for a liquid or pen eyeliner.

  • Eyelash extensions vs. foundation and concealer

Seemingly two different things concerning two different areas, yet they can be damaging to each other.

PROBLEM: The formula of your concealer or foundation may be hard to wash off and sometimes some may get on your lashes while getting ready in the morning. Removing these products is really tricky and can glue the lashes together. Face powder can also be problematic once it settles on our eyelashes. They automatically lose their deep black color and the whole extension effect looks just bad.

TIP: It's best to reach for a micro brush or cotton bud and gently moisten it with micellar water. Close your eye and move the bud from the root of your lashes to the tips. Finally, brush through your lashes with a spoolie.

  • Removing eye makeup with false eyelashes

Never forget to remove your eye makeup - your eyes and lashes will definitely thank you.

PROBLEM: Now that you know that using dual-phase makeup removers and the wrong products can harm your eyelashes, it's worth paying attention to the basic accessories in your bathroom. By this we mean cotton pads you use to remove your makeup. These inconspicuous things can cause a lot of problems when removing makeup from lash extensions. The fibers get caught in the lashes and are hard to remove. In addition, they can get stuck between natural and false lashes and this is a simple way to pull out your lash extension.

TIP: Use a single-phase micellar water to remove our makeup. You can apply it to your fingers and lather it up, then spread the foam over your eyelids. After a few moments, makeup products like eyeshadow or eyeliner should dissolve.

  • Washing false eyelashes after makeup removal

This is an important step to maintain proper hygiene and eye health. 

PROBLEM: Micellar waters and makeup remover lotions are designed to dissolve cosmetics and make it easier to wash them off the skin and hair, but they can leave some residue. That's why you should always wash your face with face gel after removing your makeup. Most of us just use regular face gel for this task but they may contain ingredients that may be damaging to the glue. What to do in this situation?

TIP: It is worth reaching for a dedicated lash and brow shampoo. This very gentle product will do a great job of cleaning the eyelashes.

How to use it?

STEP 1. Lather the shampoo. You can choose the eyelash and eyebrow shampoo from Nanolash which comes with a special foaming pump bottle.

STEP 2. Apply the foam to your eyelashes.

STEP 3. Gently glide your fingers through the hair from top to bottom. If you have a clean, fine brush, you may find it useful. Its bristles slide between the lashes and clean the space between them properly.

STEP 4. Rinse off the shampoo with lukewarm water.

You're done! Your eyelashes are cleaned precisely. You can wash your eyelashes in the morning and evening. You can also use the shampoo when caring for your natural eyelashes in your daily routine.

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