Guide: How To Care For False Eyelashes?

Guide: How To Care For False Eyelashes?

False eyelash care is as important as caring for natural eyelashes. You certainly want to maintain the effects of lash extensions as long as possible, so that your next appointment with your lash artist is as late as possible. Here are some simple tips on how to care for lash extensions, as well as false strip lashes, magnetic lashes, and DIY cluster lashes.

False eyelashes - why do they need to be cared for?

Eyelash extensions are a non-invasive treatment that allows you to enjoy a beautifully defined gaze for weeks. However, to do so, it is essential to learn the general rules of false eyelash care. Without proper care, your lash look won't stay long in good condition, wasting your time and money.

False lash care is divided into two stages:

  • up to 48 hours after the application, a special care time,
  • 48 hours after the application.

Today we'll tell you about both stages of false eyelash care, you will also get some tips to keep your style as long as possible. There will also be some info on how to care for strip lashes, magnetic lashes, and DIY lash clusters. Remember, proper false lash care is the key to maintaining a long and lasting look.

What to wash lash extensions

How to care for false eyelashes - the first 48 hours

This is the most important step in the care of false eyelashes, responsible for the durability of the complete lash look. The first two days after the application of false eyelashes is the time when the glue must set. If we take good care at this stage and follow all the instructions of your lash artist, the effects will certainly last way longer.

There are 4 key points you absolutely must stick to for the first 48 hours following the lash extension treatment:

  1. Try not to touch your lashes too much.
  2. Avoid contact with water. Forget the pool, sauna, or hot baths, as humidity and heat harm the adhesive.
  3. Try to refrain from applying cosmetics around the eyes. Do not use eye makeup (mascara, eye shadow, eyeliners, etc.), dual-phase makeup removers, or greasy face creams (oily substances can dissolve the glue). If necessary, be as careful as possible during the application
  4. Pay attention to how you sleep. It's best to sleep on your back so you don't rub your eyelashes against the pillow. This can affect the durability of the effects.

How to care for eyelash extensions - after 48 hours

False lash care after 48 hours is also important. Thanks to it, we have a real impact on the appearance of the lash look and its durability. Although you no longer need to take special care of your lashes, it is still worth watching out for certain activities and products like:

  • do not use oil-based makeup removers (e.g. dual-phase micellar lotions or makeup-ing oils) - although the glue has already managed to bind, oils can weaken it,
  • wash your eyelids and eyelashes with a dedicated product recommended by your lash artist as their formulas do not damage the glue and are gentle on the eyes,
  • do not touch and pull your false eyelashes unnecessarily, because, despite the bonding of the glue, any mechanical damage can impact your lash look negatively,
  • brush through the lashes with a spoolie you normally get from your lash stylist and make sure the brush is always clean,
  • limit visits to the swimming pool, sauna, or tanning bed, as wetting your lashes for too prolonged exposure to high temperatures can affect the glue,
  • the effects of eyelash extensions using classic, volume, or hybrid methods look spectacular enough, so you can safely give up using an eyelash curler for some time as it can damage the synthetic hair,
  • be careful during your daily care routine, if you need to apply a product around the eye area, let it be a gentle cream (give up oils, petroleum jelly, and greasy creams), and carefully pat it below the lower eyelid,
  • if you want to emphasize the effects of your eyelash extensions with makeup, ditch waterproof cosmetics (mascara, eyeliner) and opt for cosmetics dedicated to eyelash extensions like special mascaras.

How to care for false eyelashes - washing eyelash extensions

Although it still surprises some, yes - eyelashes should be washed. It is normal that when performing makeup removal, we clean them from makeup, and then rinse them with water or cleanse them with a face foam or gel. With natural eyelashes, this method perhaps could pass the test, but in the case of false ones - not necessarily. Face gels may be too strong or contain oils that affect the effects

What to wash lash extensions with and how often to do it?

Sometimes your lash artist may hand you or recommend a special shampoo for washing eyelashes. It's worth using it because it's a product with a gentle formula and its pH is close to the natural pH of tears. As a result, the eyes are not irritated, and the eyelashes - both false and real - receive gentle care and proper cleansing. You can use a soft brush for this task as it allows you to spread the product well over the lashes and reach all the small spaces between them.

How to care for false strip eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes?

False strip eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes are unlikely to require special care. They are used for one-day styling. These types of eyelashes need to be taken off before going to bed as in both cases the lash glue or special eyeliner with iron particles come into direct contact with the delicate eyelid skin. Wearing such products for too long may lead to allergic reactions or irritation. The most important thing is to limit touching the eyelashes during the day as drugstore adhesives do not tolerate this well and the lashes may come off.

How to care for DIY cluster lashes?

False cluster lashes for DIY application at home is a more long-lasting method which can last about 5 days. According to user reviews, proper care of the cluster lashes makes the effects last a little longer on the eye.

As in previous cases, it recommended not to touch the eyelash clusters excessively. However, they do have an increased resistance to moisture, since they are not glued with ordinary drugstore glue but a special bonder, which we apply on natural lashes before we fuze them with the false clusters. Still, it's a good idea to avoid saunas or long hot baths. Using a sealer is another important step in false lash care. In addition to neutralizing the tackiness of the bonder, it fixes the effects, which is why most manufacturers state it's a good idea to use the sealer every evening while wearing eyelash clusters.

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