Mascara - How To Choose The Perfect One?

Mascara - How To Choose The Perfect One?

Mascara is the basis of makeup. Whether you opt for a natural look or a bolder one for a special occasion, highlighting the eyes is the most important part of the makeup. Therefore, the choice of mascara is not such an easy task at all. Eyelashes have different needs, so you should know how to meet their requirements.

What types of mascara can we distinguish?

If you do not know which mascara to choose, first of all, pay attention to the type of your eyelashes. Because of their diversity, you should choose a mascara for their specific needs. There are four main types of mascara:

  • a thickening mascara - visually increases the volume and thickens the lashes, so it is most often used by owners of thin and sparse lashes,

  • a lengthening mascara - makes short lashes look longer and often visually lifted,
  • a curling mascara - lifts straight eyelashes, giving them a curled effect and optically rounding the eyes,

  • a waterproof mascara - characterized by a special formula with water-resistant ingredients (often oils), so it does not smudge even while swimming or taking a shower.

Manufacturers try to combine these properties and create 2-in-1 and sometimes 3-in-1 products. Each of them allows us to achieve different results, especially if its formula is suitable for building up the volume by adding extra coats of mascara. If you like the popular effect of heavily coated eyelashes and feel that one coat is not enough, this feature will interest you.

What to look for when choosing a mascara?

As we mentioned, each mascara is designed for specific needs and its main role is to emphasize the gaze. Before you decide on a specific mascara, pay attention to the most important product features.

Mascara - a good brush

A properly-shaped brush, made of high-quality material, can reach the lash roots and the shortest lashes, and separate and curl them. So if you are wondering which mascara to choose, always keep the brush shape in mind. It is super important for the makeup effects you want to get. For some, this may be very surprising information as many women do not pay attention to the brush when choosing their mascara.

The most popular brushes in mascara, are:

  • A comb-shaped brush, where bristles are set only on one side of the wand. It works best for short and sparse lashes, as it easily reaches the shortest hairs and separates them precisely.
  • A straight silicone brush, ideal for longer lashes. It is the most popular mascara brush type, which can be seen on most mascaras.
  • A cone-shaped silicone brush proves to be one of the best types for curling eyelashes and allows you to reach the shortest lashes in the corners of the eyes with great precision without staining the eyelid. It also works great if you want to build up the volume.
  • A slightly curved silicone brush with short bristles on one side and longer bristles on the other. Most often chosen by owners of straight eyelashes, as it does a good job of curling them, especially when applying another coat of mascara.
  • A ball-shaped silicone brush. Although it has a very specific design that does not resemble regular mascara, it is perfect for reaching even the tiniest lashes. It also allows you to apply the mascara from every possible angle to reach the shortest lashes.
  • A very narrow brush with swirly bristles. It was created for straight lashes not very prone to styling as it allows you to apply the mascara precisely and does a great job of curling lashes.
  • A thick and large brush made of classic bristles which may seem a bit messy. This type of brush is designed to give eyelashes extreme volume using a lot of products. It may seem a bit difficult to work with, but once you become proficient, you will appreciate the results it delivers.
  • A classic brush with a simple design, used by most mascara manufacturers. It is virtually foolproof with any mascara formula.

Mascara - the right formula

The cheapest mascaras tend to flake and crumble. This is not pleasant as getting mascara into the eye can cause tearing and redness. On top of that, it just looks very unsightly. It is the same when the mascara smudges on the eyelids after coming into contact with moisture. Therefore, pay attention to manufacturers' claims about the durability of their products and read user reviews to know which mascara is the best.

Mascara - a good brush

Mascara - conditioning ingredients

It is common knowledge that mascara is part of makeup products. It is rather associated with makeup rather than lash care. This is a bit of a misconception. For many years, manufacturers have been enriching their products' formulas with various valuable ingredients like:

  • hyaluronic acid, is responsible for retaining water in the hair and deep hydration, giving the eyelashes a healthier appearance
  • keratin, the main building block of the hair - it increases the resilience of the eyelashes and strengthens them,
  • panthenol, which boosts shine and ensures nourishment,
  • natural oils like castor, jojoba, or argan oil, which protect and strengthen the eyelashes,
  • natural waxes with a protective function - they form a delicate protective coating around the hair, and lubricate and soften the eyelashes,
  • botanical extracts which also moisturize the lashes and prevent breakage,
  • vitamin E which provides nourishment and protection to the eyelashes.

If you are wondering which mascara to choose, we recommend paying attention to the ingredients it contains. Thanks to them, your eyelashes can gain something more than just a beautiful look. Nourishing and moisturizing your eyelashes is the key to maintaining their good condition. Therefore, always try to verify the quality of the mascara you are interested in, and do not buy low-value products that will dry out your eyelashes and cause them to fall out.

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