The Most Popular Mascara Application Mistakes That Surely Every Woman Makes

The Most Popular Mascara Application Mistakes That Surely Every Woman Makes

Mascara application is regarded as the easiest step during a makeup routine. However, most of us don't realize the mistakes that keep our mascara from staying on all day or make it produce poorer effects. See if you make any of these mistakes and eliminate them as soon as possible.

Mascara Application Fail. Why You Are Not Happy With Your Eye Makeup

Mascara applied badly may definitely spoil your mood, especially when you spot awful, spidery, clumpy lashes in the middle of the day. Mascara causing racoon eyes or flaking and falling on the cheeks won't make you feel any better either. The mistakes during mascara application may also worsen your lashes, causing dryness, breakage or even excessive falling out. Below we round up the most popular mascara application mistakes that you can eliminate easily.

Mascara Application Mistakes

  • You apply too much mascara

Dreaming of spectacular effects, we tend to apply a few mascara layers during a makeup routine. That is not bad but - as always - moderation is welcome. Removing the mascara excess from the wand is also extremely important during application. You can use a tissue. We don’t recommend wiping it off on the tube because it will probably dry on the tube and simply flake.

To achieve bold lash volume and length, we need two or three coats tops, however, there are better solutions we recommend. First, you should search for a mascara with a specific purpose. The cosmetic market offers tons of mascaras for length or volume that take only one coating to give your lashes the desired look.

Applying a mascara primer is another effective solution. It is a valuable product because it offers conditioning and protective effects. A mascara base eases mascara application, reduces flaking and smudging, plus adds noticeable thickness to lashes and locks hydration in. The nourishing ingredients from a mascara primer penetrate lashes and condition them, and you need just one mascara coat for the desired lash thickening and length.

  • You use an eyelash curler wrong

Unfortunately, even though it is one of the most popular makeup accessories, it isn't always used the right way. Most importantly, we use a lash curler before applying mascara. Using it after mascara application may end up in lashes breaking or pulling out!

Remember to always use it on clean, makeup-free lashes. The tool will allow you to lift and curl your lashes, and, with the aid of a good mascara, the effect will last all day.

  • You add more mascara during the day

On busy days, the rush and overload of work may affect our makeup. Makeup touch-ups are totally okay, however, applying a fresh coat of mascara on lashes that had been already coated with mascara hours before is a big mistake. During hours of wear, lashes collect dust and lint from our clothes, which is why the fresh mascara layer leaves lashes stuck together and clumpy, making us look worse.

If you want to apply more mascara, removing the mascara you applied before is the best idea. Make use of a cotton pad and Q-tip. Put the pad under the lashes, and gently remove the product sliding a wet Q-tip from the lash base to the tips. By doing so, you won't ruin your whole makeup. Now you can apply a new mascara coat.

  • You use an old mascara

Any product has an expiry date and so does a mascara. Formally, mascara should be replaced every two or three months. The expired formula doesn't ensure even coverage; it gets thicker so it is applied on lashes unevenly and immediately sticks them together. The formed clumps don't look neat for sure. To make things worse, they are highly likely to get inside the eye causing burning sensation, watery eyes and redness. An old mascara has a very bad effect on eyelash hair. It makes lashes dry, and may cause lash breakage, and - in the worst case scenario - lash loss.

Remember that the eye organ is extremely delicate and should not be exposed to such risks. Replacing mascaras  is not merely caring for the neat makeup look but also for your well-being and health.

  • You pump the air into the mascara tube

How many times have you been pumping your mascara wand trying to coat it in the product as much as possible? This is a big mistake! By doing so, you get the air into the tube, which shortens the life of your mascara.

To get the optimal amount of the mascara on the wand - twist it in the tube at a slight angle to pick the product from the inside of the bottle. The mascara will stick to the wand better than when you keep putting the wand in and out.

  • You look up during mascara application

Do you tend to smudge the eyelids or even put mascara on your brows? You probably look up when applying your mascara. Try to do it looking down, ideally keeping your eyes half closed. This will save you from getting the product on the skin plus you will create a nicer lash curl. Always wiggle the spoolie back and forth to separate the lashes more easily and coat them with the mascara evenly.

When you look up during mascara application, there's also something bad going on your forehead. You deepen the forehead lines which may speed up the skin aging process.

PIECE OF ADVICE: If you happen to smudge the skin, don't clean it right off. You can finish your face makeup worry-free, and then simply scrape it away with your nails. There won't be any trace left. Wet mascara, on the other hand, is more likely to smudge even worse and take more of your precious time.

  • Bottom lashes - you either apply too much mascara or don't use it at all

Probably the age-old mascara dilemma. It is important to find a happy medium. Bottom lashes also need to be coated with mascara because there may be a strong contrast if they're left makeup-free. If there is no balance between the upper and lower lashes, it is noticeable and the eyes appear smaller. On the other hand, applying too much mascara on bottom lashes may leave lashes looking funny and overloaded.

Using the tip of the spoolie is the best way to apply mascara on bottom lashes. There are also mascaras with a special slim applicator to coat lower lashes fuss-free.

NOTE: If you have hooded eyelids, it is best if you don't apply the mascara on bottom lashes. Otherwise, your eyes may end up looking sad.

  • You often use waterproof products

It may seem innocent however the thick formula of waterproof mascaras require more time you spend on removing makeup before sleep. Tired and frustrated, we tend to rub the eyelids harshly, which is very dangerous - this usually breaks eyelash hair or causes it to fall out prematurely. Remember that by deciding on waterproof mascara, you also decide on devoting more time to removing it gently.

  • You don't remove makeup

If you've been wondering what the worst thing you can do to your lashes is, it is forgetting about eyelash care. Any type of makeup weighs lashes and skin down, which is why it is important to let them rest at night. Mascara envelopes lashes so even the most expensive and best formulas may do harm to your lashes if you wear them for too long. Lash dryness is guaranteed if you keep forgetting about mascara removal. Always remember to take off your makeup before sleep. There are special brow and lash shampoos on the market if you feel like nurturing your lashes even more.

Is There a Link Between Eyelash Care and Eye Makeup?

Daily lash care has a great impact on your makeup looks. Mascara clings better on healthy lashes. If you have sparse lashes, you may end up with noticeable gaps after coating them with mascara. This is why you need to avoid the above mistakes, and care for your lashes on a daily basis.

Eyelash Care. How to Strengthen Eyelashes?

There are three most popular and effective ways to strengthen lashes, affordable and wallet-friendly.

  • Eyelash serum. There are more and more products that help us get thicker and way stronger lashes. Various eyelash serums have specially-designed formulas abounding in vitamins and nutrients. They work by revitalizing and protecting lashes, as well as stimulating eyelash growth.

  • Castor oil. Its positive effects have been known for a long time because it is a popular hair oil offering many benefits. It turns out to work great strengthening eyebrows and eyelashes. The oil leaves them nourished, thicker and shinier. Castor oil is brilliant for stimulating hair growth.
  • Supplementation. The optimal supply of vitamins, minerals and nutrients brings benefits for the whole body. Any deficiencies appear through weaker hair and nails. At pharmacies we can find many products based on herbs for supplementing deficiencies.

Check out our post if you want to learn more about eyelash care.

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